Fellowship: KCC-JEE Fellowship for Research in Japan

Research Fellowship in Japan


KCC Japan Education Exchange will award a Graduate Fellowship to a Ph.D. level student in Asian Studies for the purposes of doing research in Japan for one year. There are no restrictions as to place of study in Japan, field of study, or age of the applicant. Preference will go to candidates who have a record of teaching effectively about Japan or show promise of doing so in the future, and to candidates who have not yet conducted dissertation research in Japan.

Applicants must have completed Ph.D. qualifying exams, been advanced to candidacy, and demonstrate research level Japanese language competency. Applicants will be asked to provide written confirmation of their research or study site in Japan. US citizenship is required at the time of application.

The Fellowship amount is US$30,000 for one academic year beginning July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. The Fellowship is nonrenewable and intended to cover all travel and living expenses.

Application deadline is January 11, 2016.

Completed applications and all supporting materials must be submitted to the KCC Japan Education Exchange email address: kccjee@comcast.net

For full details and application materials please go to: www.kccjee.org

Contact Info: 

KCC Japan Education Exchange

Please contact Ms. Kanae Takenaka for direct inquiries.  kccjee@comcast.net

Contact Email: kccjee@comcast.net
URL: http://www.kccjee.org/#!graduate-fellowship-program/chod