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About This Site

This is my academic blog where I can trace my digital wanderings and collate the vague memories and thoughts generated by these musings. It is my attempt to archive the discrete bits of data flow that inspire, provoke and anger me before they inevitably disappear into the digital horizon.

In this endeavour I've been inspired by the notion of 'fugue' as a concept-metaphor for this virtual ensemble. It is my canvas, diary and laboratory; my cultural exhibition space and intellectual dumping ground.

I also use the site as a way to let people know when I'm going to a conference, speaking at a public event, going to a rally or involved in community projects.

Fugue, n.

Etymology: French fugue, < Italian fuga lit. 'flight' < Latin fuga, related to fugĕre 'to flee'

1. Music. A polyphonic composition constructed on one or more short subjects or themes, which are harmonized according to the laws of counterpoint, and introduced from time to time with various contrapuntal devices.

2. Psych. A flight from one's own identity, often involving travel to some unconsciously desired locality.

Oxford English Dictionary